August 2015 Services
Sunday at 10:00 AM

AUGUST 2"Walking the Way Together for Awhile"  Rev. Mary Moore 
As we proceed along the path of transition, what can and should we expect – both of the interim ministry and of ourselves?  How can we rise to the opportunities as we walk together on the path, making ours a holy pilgrimage in which we find our own “heroic way”?


AUGUST 9:  “Ethical Eating”  In 2011, the Unitarian Universalist Association drafted a Statement of Conscience in an effort to examine the hidden ways our food choices impact our communities and our world. Liz Nolan-Greven and Jan Lucas-Grimm, both longtime members of UUCCI, will start a conversation about food and the choices we make around food, and shed some light on the vast global food industry. They will talk about their own personal journeys and touch on some of the options that we, as consumers, have in the complex world of food these days. And of course, there will be some delicious and healthy food for everyone after the service!


AUGUST 16:  "Celebrating Our Sense of Place"  Rev. Mary Moore  Following summertime travels for some or perhaps folks finding a fresh appreciation of the natural world locally -- on this morning we will be considering how our having a sense of place can be a spiritual practice, can help us to nurture our souls and become more centered. Are you among those for whom the concepts of bioregionalism or deep ecology contribute to your spirituality? Come find out on this Sunday!


AUGUST 23:  The Livin' By Faith Band from First Presbyterian Church will be here to play music that will be both traditional but contemporary, popular but spiritual, a bit old, a bit new, a bit mellow and a bit rocking. The LBF Band has been together since 2001 and is a combination of stringed instruments, percussion, keyboards and vocals. We hope that their music will not only keep you in you in your seats, but also out of your seats as well.


AUGUST 30:  "In Celebration of Water"  Rev. Mary Moore
Some Unitarian Universalist congregations have an annual water ceremony to which people bring small samples of water from places they have been recently.  However, these can become rather insensitive occasions, with one person bringing water from a "fabulous trekking expedition in the Himalayas" and another bringing water from the faucet in the homeless shelter where they are living. Instead at UUCCI on this morning, we will be taking a look at water in the world and in our lives -- in this year of both drought and flooding -- as we reflect upon times when water has held great meaning for us.

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